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Parties to the Agreement

The parties to this Agreement are on the one hand the company using the booking system moreover the holder of the subscription hereinafter called the Customer and on the other hand Happybooking International AB hereinafter called The Provider.

The HappyBooking booking system is a Web-based service provided by the Provider.

Approval of terms and subscription

The terms are approved by the Customer by ticking the conditions box in connection with registration on the Provider’s website. The Provider has the right to amend the current terms on a rolling basis. However, the Customer must be notified by e-mail or letter of any changes relating to commitment periods and prices.

Age Requirement

The person signing the terms and condition must be at least 18 years of age.

Scope and use of the system

The subscription gives the Customer to use the HappyBooking booking system. The right to use the system is restricted to the legal entity that has signed the Agreement. The Customer has the right to use the system only in a manner that the Provider judges to be normal. In the event of misuse the Provider has the right to terminate the Agreement without prior notice.

Card payment

The stated fee for the system includes the option of signing a Card Payment Agreement regarding the receipt of payment by bank card. The Provider provides this service in cooperation with Elavon ( The Provider provides separate Card Payment Agreements and the Customer undertakes not to pursue illegal operations by entering upon the Card Payment Agreement. For every card payment received, a charge is added in accordance with the current price list when the Card Payment Agreement was signed. For information about prices, contact customer services on No monthly charge or start-up fee is added for this service. The service cannot be linked to the demo package. When signing the Agreement or the Card Payment Agreement it is a requirement that the person authorised to sign for the company supplies details verifying legal rights to the company and its accounts. HappyBooking customer services will notify all customers of the option to start to use card payments.

Payment terms - invoicing

Monthly, quarterly or yearly invoices are sent for advance payment on 10-day terms. In the event payment is not made in time the Provider has the right to block the account until the debt is paid. If the debt is not paid within a total of 45 days, the Provider has the right to terminate the account. The Customer accepts e-mailed invoices and reminders from the Provider. A reminder fee of 150 SEK per invoice is charged on invoices paid later than 10 days reckoned from the invoicing date. The Provider has the right to add the reminder fee to the following month’s invoice.  The "Free" package is charged with 1,9% in for all bookings registered in Happybooking. The charge will be calculated on the actual product price regardless of the product price registered in Happybooking. If the booking is registered in Happybooking the charge will occur regardless if the payment and booking is conducted inside or outside Happybooking.

Payment terms – credit card

When the Customer completes the online payment form, funds will be deducted from the credit card monthly. In the event that the payment is not made in time the Provider has the right to block the account until the debt is paid. If the debt is not paid within a total of 45 days, the Provider has the right to terminate the account. 

Duration and termination

Sent invoices are not refundable. With the exception of sent invoices, the subscription carries no commitment period or period of notice - if this is not agreed in a separate written contract. The Customer shall notify of his or her intention to terminate the subscription in writing by letter or e-mail. The Provider shall confirm termination within 7 days.


The Provider strives for the highest possible availability and today has a history of 99.9 per cent system uptime (as of 17 Feb 2016), but takes no responsibility for any disruptions due to factors beyond the control of the Provider. Such disruptions include power cuts, faults in equipment and connections and suchlike. In any event, the Provider aims to resume normal operations as soon as possible. During updates the Provider has the right to close down the system. The Provider intends to do this at such times that any hindrance to the Customer’s operations is minimised.

Customer data

The Customer owns the registered data collected via the Customer’s own facility. Bookings and related information remain in the system for at least 12 months from the date of booking but may thereafter be deleted. When terminating the subscription, the Customer has the right to request export of the data. The Customer’s data may be deleted no earlier than 45 days following the termination of the subscription and the Provider has no obligation to store data after the expiration of this period.

User data

When you as the system administrator create an account in HappyBooking, you agree to letting us save the information inputted about the user. You also agree to letting HappyBooking contact you with information about the system and current offers. When you add a new user to the system you are responsible to making sure you have the users consent to save the information inputted about him or her and that HappyBooking might contact them through email or telephone. All users agree to letting their usage of the system be logged. HappyBooking stores their IP, username and every action taken within the system, this information is used for troubleshooting purposes. HappyBooking does not sell any user information to a third party.


The Provider has the right to update and improve the application and revise functionality.

Price increases

The Provider guarantees that price increases will be clearly announced no later than 3 months in advance, with the exception of price increases necessitated by price index mark-up, currency exchange rates or other factors beyond the Provider’s control. New functionality in the form of add-on modules may be priced separately by the Provider.

Rights to the system

The system is owned in its entirety by the Provider and is protected under copyright legislation. The Provider may at any time transfer its rights and obligations to a third party, provided this third party intends to maintain the service in compliance with this Agreement.

The Customer’s obligations

The Customer bears all and overall responsibility for transactions with the end user and agreements with the end user handled via the Provider’s system. The Customer bears full responsibility for continually ensuring that the data registered or displayed in the system are correct. The Customer undertakes not to behave in a way impacting negatively on other parties’ possibilities to use the system and not to register injurious or misleading data.

The Provider’s confidentiality undertaking

The Provider processes the Customer’s data only for the benefit of the Customer and to further develop the system. The Provider undertakes not to divulge the Customer’s data to a third party.

The Provider has carried out reasonable security measures to prevent system information from accidentally or through illegal action disappearing or being disseminated, destroyed or in any other way treated in a manner in conflict with the Swedish Personal Data Act.

The Provider’s responsibility

The Provider is not responsible for damage caused by a third party, disruption to operations, lost income, consequential damage or other indirect loss or damage.


The Service is non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, or refunds for months unused with an open account.


Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be resolved in a Swedish general court.